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The famous Shpooka family opens a tourist agency in the street!

Sign up for a visit to your own town as you have never seen it before. The audience can choose from the historic, romantic, mysterious or mystic theme. Before embarking on the tour, they have to successfully withstand the hassle of “bureaucracy” after which they are driven around, like a royal family, in a parade of extravagant cars, accompanied by guides on bicycles.

photo © Arma Theatre
photo © Arma Theatre
photo © Arma Theatre
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In short

  • Street theater, itinerant/mobile act
  • 180 min.; 1 x day
  • 80 participants / 1000 spectators
  • 4 persons
  • Language: French, English, we can work with local actors
  • Space: a square for the agency, 1 – 2,5 km route around square

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