During Earchestra the public is audience and musician, participant and guinea pig. A part of the audience is invited to sit in a circle. They are then blindfolded and given small instruments to play with. It is about hearing and listening, about slowing down time, about enhancing perception and creating order out of the seemingly random impressions that the mind receives. Will the collective try to come together and create something from the chaos?

photo © Sander van der Wel
photo © Waterlanders
photo © Waterlanders
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In short

  • Sensory theater
  • 25 min.; 5 x day max
  • 20 persons with blindfolds, ca 100 persons around
  • 3-4 persons from Wageningen (NL)
  • Language: NL/UK/DE/FR
  • Space: 8×8 meter, quiet surroundings, no electricity

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