Zirkus Morsa | La fin demain

How to survive in a world that seems to tip over at any moment? Equipped with a board and a tube, two castaways, stranded on the beach of their imagination meet each other, get to know each other, get to trust each other. Together they loose and find balance, using simple, seemingly worthless objects: a wooden board, a cardboard tube, a rope, driftwood. Exploring their limits they quest for a common equilibrium.

photo © Jean-Claude Chaudy
photo © Jean-Claude Chaudy
photo © Gerard Payelle
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In short

  • Acrobatics and rola bola
  • 40 min; 1-2 x day (version with live musicians possible)
  • 400 persons
  • 2 persons, Chambéry [FR]
  • Language: none
  • Space: 8m wide x 6m deep x 5m high, level and flat.

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