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Based on the book ‘Solaris’ (1961) by the Polish writer Stanislaw Lem, Project Solaris is a metaphysical journey, intertwined with a love story, through landscapes and sounds where reality and illusion fight for existence. Accompanied by an actor ‘guide’, the audience enters a world of whimsical physics, where nothing is what it seems and where coincidence determines the direction and uncertainty reigns.

photo © DeJong&DeWitte
photo © DeJong&DeWitte
photo © DeJong&DeWitte
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In short

  • Audiovisual journey
  • 40-60 min walk; 2-4 x day
  • 30-50 persons per walk
  • 4-5 persons from Arnhem (NL)
  • Language: NL/FR/EN/IT
  • Space: prior visit to film the route, 220V on site

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