Rouge Elea | Ronde

RONDE questions the relationship between brothers and sisters. Bodies are facing each other, playing, running around, hugging each other. We stroll tenderly between laughs and sadness, past and future. Siblings probably have such special relationships due to the fact that it is one that spans a lifetime. A great reason to explore it.

photo © Lena Maria
photo © Lena Maria
photo © P. Gutierrez
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In short

  • Aerial dance
  • 40 min.; 2x day
  • 300 persons
  • 3 persons
  • Language: FR/SP/EN
  • Space: 8×7 meter, a good tree with a sturdy branch at 2,5 m from the trunk

More info

Trailer: here
Download > rOnde – dossier et fiche technique [fr]
Download > rOnde – dossier and technical rider [uk]
Link to website: