Vendaval | Soif

It is while sleeping that Helen Miller changes her name. It is in her sleep that she speaks in another language and her memories return. Helen goes back in time, into a past that she has never revealed to anybody. With her ghosts as witnesses, she speaks at last, never before having been able to pronounce a single name. She wanted to bury under silence all her suffering, invent for herself a new life, an idyllic past. But Helen Miller’s real name is Helena Metzler, and on her arm she is hiding a tattooed number.

photo © Joris Hol
photo © Joris Hol
photo © Joris Hol
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In short

  • Dance & theater
  • 50 min.; 1x day
  • 200-300 persons
  • 3 persons
  • Language: FR/SP/EN
  • Space: 8×6 meter, hard surface or wooden floor, lights & sound, quiet surroundings

More info

Download > Soif – technical rider [uk]
Download > Soif – fiche technique [fr]
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