VolDaan | Deep

A man stuck. Stuck in a well. He is wrestling with his environment. And then the damp besets him … He’s swamped. His truth belies, ticks, itches, leaks. How can he escape? He struggles and emerges. DEEP is a visually evocative, mind-testing theatre performance in which not a word is spoken and where the phenomenon of ‘being stuck’, in general or down a well like here, reaches tremendous heights. You look down a surrealistic well, an optical illusion you would love to lose yourself in. Dive deep down into the world of DEEP and discover a reality in which nothing is right. Or is it …?

photo © VolDaan
photo © VolDaan
photo © VolDaan
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In short

  • Physical performance
  • 10 minutes (8 x a day)
  • 10-35 persons
  • No language
  • Space: 8×8 metres, we bring our own tent

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