Whalley Range All Stars | Ye Gods

A model town and three performers, towering over it like gods.
Church bells ring out, a factory grinds into action, there’s a boozy sing-along in the pub and the local dog’s home can’t stop its inmates barking at the church bells.
By the time these three have finished, the entire town is humming with noise and life.
HOWEVER … all is not rosy in this world. The three gods are not sentimental and are quite willing to destroy their creation. All is not lost! Something will be reborn from this miniature disaster area.

In short

  • 360ø street performance
  • 30 min.; 2 x day
  • 300 persons
  • 3 persons from Bury Manchester [UK]
  • Language: none
  • Space: 6 meters diameter, flat ground, preferably concrete (grass is fine)

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