Zirkus Morsa | Rohöl

Rohöl [german for crude oil] is a natural resource transformed to fit our needs, it becomes the opposite of natural: a synthetic chemical. This concept of great chasm between rock and oil inspired Rosa and Moritz to make a show about rigidity and fluidity, force and fragility, tension and relaxation. It’s about small acquisitions and failures, about hope and the desire to give up. And yes, it’s about balance and imbalance.

photo © Cynthia Lexpert
photo © Zirkus Morsa
photo © Cynthia Lexpert
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In short

  • Acrobatics and rola bola
  • 55 min.; 1x day (we are working on a shorter outdoor version)
  • 300-400 persons
  • 2 persons from Chambéry (FR) + 1 from Paris
  • Language: none
  • Space indoor: 10×10 meter, black dance floor

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