Adrian Schvarzstein | solo performances

Green Man: What happens when a green man, packed with green accessories and a green scooter lands in our streets?
The Bed: A very proud character who has no home except his ‘travelling bed’, with which he travels the world looking for a peaceful place to sleep. Wherever he arrives, he starts the illusory ritual of building a make-believe house, with the help of his audience.
Dans: Juan, the dancing star from the south is looking for the dancing girl of his dreams. His scene is the street, his instrument is a charming barrel organ whose pleasant rhythms tells us about his special relationship with the audience.

Whether as a Green Man, in The Bed or as Juan in Dans, Adrian interacts with the people on the street, using his crazy mind and vivid imagination. Funny, plenty of surprising improvisations with the audience.

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In short

  • Physical street performances
  • 30 min.; 2 x day
  • 300 persons
  • 1 person, Barcelona by plane or van
  • Language: none
  • Space: square, street or park, with passers-by

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