Bängditos | Johnny’s stuntshow

When Johnny and Ronny are in town you can expect the most dangerous stunt you’ve ever seen. This daredevil stuntteam will break all stunt records that where set – at least, they pretend to…
After meticulous preparation, many kisses and autographs of superstar Johnny and Ronnys “the Slider” precise warm-up, the 2 comical heros will risk their great stunt: the jump through the burning ring. With bravery and frenetic glitter in their eyes they face the danger… Will they really dare…?

photo © Bängditos
photo © Bängditos
photo © Bängditos
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In short

  • Big scale physical street performance
  • 40 min.; 1-2 x day
  • 1000 persons
  • 3 persons from Hamburg, van+trailer
  • Language: none
  • Space: square or street, 15×25 meter (audience not included)

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