Bollwerk | Downhill Downriver Downtown

Bollwerk takes the audience on a tour that leads over bridges, into meadows, looks down from trees and defies the river’s flow. Throughout this walk they test locomotion strategies, instincts and survival mechanisms and make them tangible. How does perception affect our inner and outer world? When and why do we react, act, look the other way, run away, even attack, pass by, stop, move on? Together with the dancers and in constant locomotion the audience takes the asphalt under the feet, chooses view points and makes path-breaking decisions.

We guarantee a change of perspective!

photo © Bollwerk
photo © Bollwerk
photo © Bollwerk
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In short

  • Dance
  • 60-90 min. depending on locations
  • 200-500 persons
  • 5 persons, from different European locations
  • Language: none
  • Space: min. 5 locations on a route to be determined with organizer

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