Nieuw Lef | The Funny Freak Show – Mirlen’s Mad Ride – Miracle Lab

For over 18 years, Nieuw Lef has created short performances that will bring a big smile to your audiences faces. The shows transcend the ordinary and leave the audience on a higher plane. No seriously! Life altering experiences guaranteed.

Mirlen's Mad Ride - photo © NieuwLef
Funny Freak Show - photo © NieuwLef
Miracle Lab - photo © NieuwLef
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The Funny Freak Show: trailer
Download > The Funny Freak Show – Technical rider [en]
Download > The Funny Freak Show – Technisch fiche [nl]
Download > The Funny Freak Show – Fiche technique [fr]

Mirlen’s Mad Ride: trailer
Download > Mirlen’s Mad Ride – Technical rider [en]
Download > Mirlen’s Mad Ride – Technisch fiche [nl]
Download > Mirlen’s Mad Ride – Fiche technique [fr]

Miracle Lab: trailer
Download >  Miracle Lab – Technical rider [en]
Download >  Miracle Lab – Technisch fiche [nl]
Download >  Miracle Lab – Fiche technique [fr]

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