Actic | mobile acts

Kiddy Ride Police Patrol: The two Kiddy Ride Policemen are in town! Safety is guaranteed at any festival. They will drive around town, catching people in the act of whatever it is they are doing.

Urban Safari: Discover your town through the eyes of Actic. Two rangers take the audience on a tour to observe the species known as mankind in its natural habitat. A unique opportunity to encounter and study the urban wildlife. The city and its inhabitants are Urban Safari’s playground.

In short

  • Mobile act
  • 30 min. (2x day)
  • 300-500 persons
  • 2 persons
  • Language: NL/EN/DE
  • Electricity backstage to charge the bikes/ranger mobile, we ride on all types of pavement/hard surfaces

More info

Teaser Kiddy Ride Police Patrol
EN: technical rider
FR: fiche technique

Urban Safari
EN: technical rider
FR: fiche technique

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