Asterions Hus | Romeo & Juliet!

Asterions Hus has taken on Shakespeare, and the greatest love story ever told. Out of this comes a moving, fast-paced and humorous performance: 24 scenes, 24 life grips, 24 detours and 24 celebrations of love’s many faces and endings.
In their hands, the fantastic text of Shakespeare unfolds into worms dancing, sumo wrestlers in love and ballet in wheelbarrows. There has never been so much life in playing dead!

photo © Joris Hol
photo © Joris Hol
photo © Joris Hol
photo © Joris Hol
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In short

  • Physical theater
  • 50 min; 2 x day
  • 300 persons; 10+
  • 2-3 persons
  • Language: English or Danish
  • Space: min 8×8 meter, quiet surroundings

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