Blaas of Glory | On a highway to hell

Ever since they started out in 2007, Blaas of Glory have been on a long march to glory. Their goal is to have the whole world headbanging to their heavy metal sound.

Armed with sousaphone, saxophone, flute, glockenspiel, banjo, accordion, acoustic guitars, snare and bass drums and accompanied by harmonious singing, this Heavy Metal Marching Band blows back life into classic hits of hardrock.

photo © Blaas of Glory
photo © Blaas of Glory
photo © Blaas of Glory
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In short

  • heavy metal brass band
  • 30 min. (max 3 x day)
  • 300-500 persons
  • 9 persons on the road (1 van, 1 car)
  • Language: rock&roll
  • Space: 8x6m

More info

Trailer: here
Download > Blaas of Glory – technical rider [uk]
Download > Blaas of Glory – fiche technique [fr]
Link to website: