Cie Monad | YIN & Yin Zero

Two performances based on the same principle of dervish dancing and juggling but with very different feels. Yin is the longer version with humor and a very surprising ending. Yin Zero is shorter and can be viewed as one big whirl with increasing speed and a collective release with the audience at the end.

In Yin two dervish dancers come on stage and while one starts twirling the other assists, comments and interrupts him. The play between the two performers sometimes come together harmoniously, at other times they clash. The audience is torn between the hypnotic turns of the dancers, the rhythmic juggling and the humor that is infused throughout the performance.

In Yin zero the audience is taken on an hypnotic trip. They two performers start to juggle with fluidity and skill, their bodies and the objects moving as one. They start to whirl like dervish dancers at an increasing speed. In a state of extreme awareness, the two performers look for an inner balance between juggling, dance, the audience and the music.

© photo Christophe Raynaud de Lage
© photo Christophe Raynaud de Lage
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