HURyCAN | Asuelto

In the street, close to us, on the ground, there is a clash between three men and a woman. They tear each other apart, attracted to each other in a powerful dance, both violent and tender. Asuelto is an observation of reality: life is as an organism, as a body in movement that transmits and shares its attributes. Magical and tangible, conceptual and sensitive, beautiful and ugly at the same time. But most of all: alive.

photo © Joris Hol
photo © Joris Hol
photo © Joris Hol
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In short

  • Dance
  • 35-45 min. (2 versions); 1 – 2 x day
  • 300-500 persons
  • 5 persons, Madrid/Barcelona (no extra luggage)
  • Language: none
  • Space: 10×10 meter, hard surface or wooden floor

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