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Woodland – A theatrical and cinematic experience, with the forest in the lead.

Welcome to Woodland. Where the trees set the pace, where the light gives direction to your existence, and the chance of survival is determined by your cooperative ability. Amazing things happen in the forest: trees communicate with each other. Not only do they lovingly care for their offspring, but also for their old and sick neighbors. They have a secret language of scents and their tracks sometimes cover hundreds of kilometers underground. However, there’s also a dark side: some tree species hack into the others’ systems, or spread poison to sabotage rivals. With utter slowness, invisible to our senses, a tragedy takes place in the forest. A royal drama in which Shakespeare pales in comparison.

photo © Jonas de Witte
photo © Jonas de Witte
photo © Jonas de Witte
photo © Jonas de Witte
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In short

  • Audiovisual journey with live performance
  • ca. 60 min walk; 2-3 x day
  • 35 persons per walk
  • 4 persons from Arnhem (NL)
  • Language: NL/EN (more languages to follow)
  • Space: a wooded area or park with lots of trees

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