Firma Kodde | RoarRace

There comes a time in life when children have to learn a hard lesson: the louder you scream, the more you will achieve.

Firma Koddes’ tricycles react to sound: the louder you scream, the faster they ’ll go.
And the one that screams the loudest, will win. Just like in real life. The RoarRace is a valuable life lesson, for young and old(er) enthusiasts.

© Firma Kodde
© Firma Kodde
© Firma Kodde
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In short

  • Interactive installation
  • 3 hours per day (with a break)
  • 250-1500 persons, depending on the space; all ages
  • 4 persons (and 2 volunteers from the festival)
  • Language: NL/EN/DE/FR
  • Space: min 8 wide x 20m long (kids version) or 40m long (adult version), crowded street, square, flat and preferably paved

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