DeJong&DeWitte | I Was Here

A theatrical and cinematic route, cutting straight through reality. DeJong&DeWitte explore the story of a neighbor who lived and died unnoticed. Equipped with an iPod we enter the house – and in doing so, the past life – of this unknown man. What secrets will his coffee cup, his chair or his old sweater reveal? Can we still unravel his dreams and desires? While uncovering his remaining possessions – the last tangible proofs of his existence – we do not only look back on his life, but also question ourselves: what does this reveal about ourselves?

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In short

  • Audiovisual journey with live performance
  • 50-60 min; 4x day
  • 30-40 persons per performance
  • 3-4 persons from Arnhem (NL)
  • Language: NL/EN/FR (other languages possible)
  • Space: route through residential neighborhood, 1 house or indoor space (10×8 and 3,2m high)

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