LaRutan | Out of the Blue I & II

As soon as I am me, I’m also you; If I am you and you are he, I am also he.

Out of the Blue I & II are two similar choreographies where the only variable is the costume of the performers. The dansers are in complete synch with each other, accentuating the similarities. He is her, she is him. The schizophrenic personalities of the two dansers, the synchronicity of the dance, the variation of the costumes: Out of the Blue is like watching two identical twins dedouble. A very dissociative experience!

photo © Etanowski
photo © Etanowski
photo © Migel Espiga
photo © Migel Espiga
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In short

  • Dance
  • 10 min; 2x day
  • 300+ | All ages
  • 2 persons from Bilbao [ES]
  • Language: none
  • Space: min. 8x8m, level smooth surface, street

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