Mécanique Vivante | Le chant des sirènes

This one-and-only Siren Orchestra is a potent blend of the ordinary and the extraordinary, the real world with the mecatronic world of Mecanique Vivante. The Sirens’ Song will enrapture the crowd with its fantastic music and jubilant energy.

Revel in the unprecedented harmonic texture of The Sirens’ Song. You’ve never heard anything like it. Really!

photo © Jérémie Bernard
photo © Mécanique Vivante
photo © Mécanique Vivante
photo © Manuel Angel Laya Sanchez
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In short

  • Multipurpose installation
  • Length: depending on the project
  • 1000+ persons
  • 5 persons
  • Language: none
  • Space: inside or outside

More info

Download > The Siren’s Song dossier and technical rider [uk]

Link to videos: introduction, musical encounters
Link to website: mécanique vivante