Murmuyo | Fuera! – Fisura – Ami-Go! – Su-seso

Murmuyo uses his body as his main tool for communicating emotions, creating images, characters and illusions. His shows are playful and dynamic, communication with the public is central in all his actions. This unique ability combined with his boundless imagination and on the spot improvisation skills lead the audience to memorable experiences.

Su-Seso - photo © Murmuyo
Quieres ser mi amigo - photo © Murmuyo
Fuera - photo © J. Scherer
Fisura - photo © Murmuyo
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In short

  • Street theater
  • 30-50 min; 2 x day
  • 250 (circle shows) – 300-500 persons Su-seso
  • 2 persons
  • Language: none
  • Space: see technical riders

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