Ola Szostak & Willemijn Schellekens | The Table of Thoughts

The Table of Thoughts is set with short stories on the headsets and on the table. The more you look, the more you discover. Each plate has it’s own story and design. The Table of Thoughts will let you discover the twelve thoughts of the hosts, thoughts that will never be spoken out loud.

photo © Table of Thoughts
photo © Table of Thoughts
photo © Table of Thoughts
photo © Table of Thoughts
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In short

  • Sensory installation
  • 4 hrs (with a break)
  • 600 persons a day
  • 2 persons
  • Language: the stories are translated in English, Français, Deutsch & Nederlands
  • Space: electricity, 5x7m, we have a tent in case of rain

More info

Download > Gedachtentafel – dossier en technisch fiche [nl]
Download > Gedankentisch – dossier und technische Voraussetzungen [de]
Download > La table des pensées – dossier et fiche technique [fr]
Download > Table of Thoughts – dossier and technical rider [en]

Link to website: www.willemijnontwerp.nl