Zirkus Morsa | Rohöl

Rohöl [german for crude oil] is a natural resource made from ancient forests. Discovered by man and transformed to fit our needs, it becomes the opposite of natural: a synthetic chemical. Rohöl is about us moving away from nature as a species, a separation that resulted in contradictions between man and nature, between destruction and construction, fascination and disgust.
Zirkus Morsa explores these opposites and looks for balance: where does responsibility start? Where does freedom begin?

© Cynthia Lexpert
© Cynthia Lexpert

In short

  • Acrobatics
  • 55 min.; 1x day (we are working on a shorter outdoor version)
  • 300-400 persons
  • 2 persons from Chambéry (FR) + 1 from Paris
  • Language: none
  • Space indoor: 10×10 meter, black dance floor

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