Zwermers | Pan~// Catwalk

From worn-out denim jacket to extravagant glitter dress. Our clothes are an expression of who we are, who we want to be, and sometimes who we need to be. What does that second skin say about us?
With two performers, a violinist and a never-ending row of outfits, Zwermers pay tribute to the colorful and versatile human being, touching on a multitude of themes like consumerism, fast fashion, gender fluidity, cultural identity, conformity and individuality, without ever passing judgement. The interpretation is all in the eye of the beholder.

© Jostijn Ligtvoet Fotografie
© Jostijn Ligtvoet Fotografie
© Marike Verbiest
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In short

  • Physical performance
  • 45/70 min. or longer (3 hours); 1-2 x day
  • 200+ persons, depending on the space
  • 4 persons from Biezenmortel (NL) and Antwerp (BE)
  • Language: none
  • Space: we need at least 6m long and 6,5m wide (excl. audience)

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